Triniti Entertainment

Los Angeles


Triniti Entertainment, LLC was founded by model and actress, Crystal Hayes to create, produce, and pitch quality and entertaining unscripted television programs to the networks. The company’s vision is to utilize their passion for the entertainment industry in combination with the media and modern technology for purpose of making a long-term positive impact on culture.  Crystal Hayes’ experiences encompass the entertainment industry from behind the camera to in front of it.  As Miss Michigan USA 2005, and finalist on NBC’s Miss USA, Crystal has worked as an actress, model, and spokesperson for over ten years.  She has represented brands such as CoverGirl, Maserati, Whirlpool, Transitions Lenses, etc.


Crystal has also been contacted by some of the industry’s leading TV programs including; Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, As the World Turns, Fear Factor, and MTV’s Made, and HGTV style shows as the VIP specialist for V Realty LA.  She has also been asked to star in her own reality series three times within the past year by new reputable network television programs and some of the most successful production companies in the entertainment industry.  With her convictions and motivation rooted in her faith, she has proudly turned down more roles than she has taken due to her belief that “one does not need to fit into a box that society has created”, but rather “rise above it and have the confidence to be very selective about how you represent yourself in this industry”.  She believes that “one poor decision in this industry may give you 15 minutes of fame, but I am far more interested in long-term success in this business”.


Behind the camera, she owned and operated her image consulting company Image Is Design, LLC from 2005-2015.  Mentoring and coaching new talent in the industry has given her a platform for making others’ dreams come true.  Her passion to bring quality reality TV programs and films has prompted her to move to Los Angeles to start producing Reality Television.  Her current project is The Talent Exchange, an Interactive App launching this summer and highlights her desire to see others become discovered for their talent and help give them a platform to thrive.  As the CEO of TRINITI ENTERTAINMENT, LLC located in Los Angeles, her goal is to bring quality films and TV programs back to the masses.